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Blue Ridge Literacy Council Introduces Alphabetta Bear Quest

Hendersonville, NC June 20, 2019 – The Alphabetta Bear Quest is a fun way to involve our community in a search of this beautiful hand-painted bear located on Third Avenue in Downtown Hendersonville. Search high and low on the bear’s coat to try and find the hidden tribute. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing to receive a gift basket with an autographed "Miss Julia inherits A Mess" by Ann B. Ross, A New York Times Best Seller, items from Gaia Herbs, and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. The winner will be notified on 10/3/19. Two generous philanthropists sponsored the bear and the brilliant artist used her talent to bring Alphabetta to life.

Alphabetta Bear was painted by Wendy Brusick in memory of Theodore and Lillian Brusick, lovers of literacy and life-long learning. “We are grateful for the generous gift of Alphabetta Bear, and want to have some fun with the community exploring her alphabet coat and mountain scene. After all, we learn to read so that we can read to learn,” shared Autumn Weil, Executive Director. Visit to enter your guess or email

The Blue Ridge Literacy Council is the only 501©3 dedicated to transforming lives through improved literacy and English communication skills in Henderson County.



Alphabetta Bear, wearing her coat of many letters, celebrates literacy – understanding how the letters of the alphabet dance together to create meaning and shared knowledge through the written word. Literacy transforms lives!

The Blue Ridge Literacy Council and its volunteer tutors partner with adults who are learning to read and write, are improving their English, or are acquiring important life skills. The council assists these committed learners to gain the knowledge they need to reach their potential and participate more fully in community life.

The Blue Ridge Literacy Council was chosen to be the recipient of the 40th week in Rug & Home's 52 Weeks of Giving Program. The rug was donated by Rug & Home to help support charities and nonprofits. We are so incredibly thankful for their generosity and hope this cozy rug invites you to enjoy some reading while here in our office. Be sure to stop by and see it in person while checking out the books in our resource library!

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