I know that many of you have questions regarding our state funding situation. I have put together a Q & A using questions that have been recently asked. Should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to call me. My cell number is 828-708-5480. I am always available to sit down and talk with you. We thank you for your engagement and support.

Autumn Weil
Executive Director

Q: Why is BRLC losing State funding?
A: We receive state funding as a sub-grantee of the NC Community College system (NCCCS). The original funds are provided to the NCCCS by the Federal Government. Beginning in July 2019, NCCCS will use a new funding formula to allocate the federal funds. This new funding formula will impact smaller more rural organizations such as ours.

Q: Is BRLC going to be okay?
A: Yes; though we are losing $71,000, we have diversified revenue through partnerships this past year, which will help to sustain us as we continue to increase our fundraising initiatives. We also have healthy reserves. We are making adjustments to bring down expenses where we can. There is roughly a $35,000 difference we will work to make up.

Q: Will BRLC be cutting any programming or staff?
A: No, not at this time. Should we lose support from other funders or see a decline in community support, then we may have to make those tough decisions.

Q: Can the Legislators do anything?
A: Our situation is not due to any decisions made by the State Legislators or local representatives. Our representatives are advocating for us. 

Q: Who is affected by these cuts?
A: Adult learners will be affected, and our community as a whole. Literacy Organizations use an intensive one-to-one or small group setting to help adult learners meet their goals, which often leads to better employment, thus less dependence on community support and an increased tax base. Unfortunately, four or five Literacy Organizations across the State will likely lose their funding; all Literacy Organizations are seeing a cut in funding. This will lessen our economic impact in our local communities and will have statewide effects.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: There are several ways an individual can help: become a volunteer tutor; link your Harris Teeter Vic card or Ingles Card to our organization, which helps us pay for needed supplies; when ordering off Amazon use Amazon Smile and choose Blue Ridge Literacy Council as your charity of choice; and, of course, donate.