Alicia’s hard work and dedication has paid off. She has earned her North Carolina State Certification for Medication Aide Administration! The test is extremely complex. There are 7areas of focus: Abbreviations/Medical Terminology; Regulations; Medication Administration; Measuring Devices; Metric System; Prescription Labels; and, Medication Administration Records. The test is timed and consists of 60 multiple choice questions. The applicant must obtain a 90% or higher to pass. In other words, you can only miss 6 of the 60 questions to pass. There is minimal room for error!

Alicia’s had many goals upon joining the Blue Ridge Literacy Council. Her top motivation is continuous learning to improve herself and be a good role model for her son. Her other goals included:


*A promotion at work and improving her marketability;

*Building her confidence speaking English and not being too nervous to speak up;

*Improving reading comprehension and writing skills; and,

*Increasing her vocabulary.

The Certification for Medication Aide Administration had an immediate impact on Alicia’s work life. She received a promotion, additional responsibilities and a pay raise. She utilizes her English more because she communicates with the nurses, therapists and patient’s families. Additionally, she prepares medication administration reports and documentation.

We worked very hard together and spent many hours reviewing the study guide. Alicia spent additional hours studying and attending a mandatory 2 day training session. We used flash cards to memorize the medical terminology, abbreviations and routes of administration for delivery of medications. About 3 weeks prior to her test date, I gave Alicia a surprise 120 question multiple choice test to determine her strengths and weaknesses. That provided us with a road map for future studies. I also modified the questions from the study guide to challenge her reading and comprehension abilities.

There were many challenges to overcome to achieve certification. Finding time for additional studies while working and raising a son. Learning new medical terminology and abbreviations, based on Latin terminology. One of the biggest hurdles was test anxiety and learning to properly analyze the questions and recognize the correct answer.

Alicia is very spiritual and thankful for this opportunity. She thanks God, her son, Blue Ridge Literacy Council, Jan and me (her tutor).

Written by Belinda & Alicia