When your student lets you know of a success or challenge in her/his life, big or small, please let us know. As much as we would like to be in touch with our students regularly, you are the person who will hear about it first.

In order to accurately report and be accountable to our grant funders, we need to know how our program is impacting our students. When we think about materials for your student or for new students, the more we know about what is working well, the better our selections will be. If we see several students struggling over a particular topic, we can look for solutions, which might include individual consultations, different materials, or tutor workshops.

We are always listening for great stories which can inspire other students and tutors. Let us know, and with your and your student’s permission, we will work with you to prepare something for Voices, or for a monthly newsletter.

In particular, if your student has a success at work, please don’t wait until the year-end Goal Reporting to let us know. It’s really important for us to know if our program is having an impact on the economic health of your student’s family. We can also watch for trends that can help us make our program more effective for students with workplace goals.

Thank you for your great work and for being part of BRLC. We appreciate all you do!