“My name is Jeff. I’m currently a student with the Blue Ridge Literacy Council, and I’d like to share a bit of about my tutoring journey. I returned to school in the spring of 2018, to work toward completing my High School Equivalency. When I realized I needed additional help in Math, and asked about it, the Community College referred me to the Literacy Council.

Some aspects of my personal situation complicate my ability to get around and participate is certain programs, such as the BRCC tutoring lab services. It’s very difficult for me to make the tutoring lab hours. Plus, I’m a single parent of two awesome children. The kids are full time in my care, and I really needed to be able to tutor in settings where they could play and engage, while under supervision. Working with a literacy council tutor seemed like it would be a much better fit for my personality and learning style, too. I really wanted one-on-one tutoring support, where I could focus and ask personalized questions.

I have a lot of goals for myself. I’m currently looking for sustainable employment and supporting my daughter who is in the process of enrolling in St. Gerard Academy. I want to go on to college and study computers and game design. I also want to keep my children on track and be a great role model for them. Finishing this current Hi-SET program is just one important piece, but also a huge step for my family to move forward.

Working with BRLC tutors has allowed for the schedule and location flexibility I needed and has been vital to supporting my Math and Hi-SET studies. I feel very lucky to have been matched with wonderful, intelligent, kind tutors. My first tutor Catherine was incredibly caring and sensitive to my learning needs. After her schedule and availability changed, I started working with Andy. He is a warm, open individual, who communicates clearly, helps keep me focused, and tries to work with my learning style and needs. It’s been nice to work with instructors and staff who have such passion for teaching and learning, and truly want to see others succeed, and who are willing to take time and energy to help make that happen.

I really think the Literacy Council tutoring is a great program, and I am grateful for it. I have some atypical struggles, when it comes to schedule and location needs – ones that make individualized learning support almost impossible. But the Literacy Council made it happen. And they didn’t make me feel foolish or weird for having so many unique needs. Going to the Literacy Council was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made for my education.”

* Jeff C., 2018/2019 ABE Math student