Using the abilities you have is not always easy, but you can do it with effort and determination, even if you find obstacles in your way. In 2018 I realized that I needed to have my vision corrected because it was getting worse. But in order to correct my vision, I needed $4,400. It’s not easy to get all that money in your pocket, especially when you have a family and only one income. I wanted to earn money, but how?

I thought about the things I already know how to do. I love to cook, so I decided to sell food, starting with one of my favorite recipes, pupusas with salad and salsa. One of the first things I had to decide was where and to whom I was going to offer my food. How could I explain to them what pupusas are and how to get them to place an order? And then, I was nervous. What if no one wanted my food? Some people had never tried eating pupusas before. I had to convince them. I was so embarrassed offering food, but at the same time I had to convince myself to do it because I needed the eye surgery. So I said, “Here I go!” I was so excited when seven workers at a restaurant ordered food. Then I went to another restaurant and the employees there said “no thank you.” I was crestfallen, but I kept trying to find customers. And I did it! People supported me when I told them that I was selling food to earn money for my surgery.

In the meantime, I had to figure out the logistics of preparing and delivering pupusas to many locations at lunchtime. Then I had to figure out how many ingredients to buy, how to get it all cooked in time, how much to charge, who to get to help me deliver and how much to pay my helper, how to package the food, and, most of all, how to fit all this into my already-busy schedule. I also had to deal with unexpected problems, such as competitors who were selling a similar product. I have had to learn how to keep my product better than others.

I have been learning how to manage my business and solve the problems. Recently I registered my business, and I am planning to offer other services in addition to cooking. Now I am confident that I can be successful.


- C.L.G, BRLC Student