Maria de Lourdes and her daughter, Geraldina, participated in Blue Ridge Literacy Council’s September 2018 Family Literacy class. The following paragraphs are excerpts from her evaluation of the class:

The most informative thing we’ve learned in our Family Literacy classes was to read daily with our children and to sing to them. The information about healthy food for children was new to me. I learned about resources available in the community that can help my family. There are places I didn’t know about. I am going to be better prepared for the time when my child enters school.

My daughter is more social with the other children and less timid now that she has participated in the class. She has started asking me to read to her during the day. She plays more with books and pretends to be reading. The children are very well cared for and they have learned a lot in this class.

I would like the class to last longer. I would like to attend an English class, but I can’t now because I don’t have anyone to watch my daughter.

Additionally, Maria de Lourdes reported that she feels she can more effectively make plans for her family’s goals. She feels more prepared to teach her child the basic skills needed for her to enter kindergarten, like counting and learning colors and letters. She understands more about what the school will expect from her daughter, and she feels more confident in being able to advocate for her daughter when she enters school.