Remote tutoring platforms

WhatsApp video chat one on one

WhatsApp Video Chat - Word Document

How to record a FaceTime call on Iphone

Record FaceTime Call - Word Document

How to start a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting - Word Document

Professional Development for Tutors

North Carolina Community College Content Standards

Levels 1-4

Level 5

Reading Comprehension Training for Tutors

ProLiteracy Education Network Video Library

Strategic Tutoring Elements

This list adapted from the National Institute for Literacy recommends Best Practices for Tutors during a study session with a Student.

Florida Literacy Coalition Tutor Help Center

Lesson Writer
A series of documents that help you create and plan lessons on any subject. There are links to useful materials

Lesson Plan Template 1

Lesson Plan Template 2

Lesson Planning Information

"Multiple Intelligences" Video
Howard Gardner presents a discussion of the variety of "intelligences" a person can exhibit.  We use this to understand better the strengths and challenges of our students and the teaching styles of our tutors.

BRLC Tutor Forms